Our Business

Results of Main Business in Japan

1985 Shindaiwa Corporation, Sealing Robot design & delivery
1994 Civil Aviation Bureau, Hiroshima Nishi Airport ILS renewals
Civil Aviation Bureau, Miho Airport RCAG renewals
Civil Aviation Bureau, Hiroshima Airport high-speed multiplex communication equipment installation work
Civil Aviation Bureau, Iwakuni Airport RCAG renewals
Hiroshima Local Meteorological Observatory, broadcast radio system new construction
Civil Aviation Bureau, Yonago Airport VOR renewals
Kinki Regional Police Bureau, Wakayama prefectural police microwave network renewals
J-Phone Kansai, mobile base station installation (6stations)
1995 J-Phone Chugoku, mobile base station equipment site test & adjustment
J-Phone Chugoku, mobile base station installation (2stations)
1996 Kinki Regional Police Bureau, radio equipment renewals (10stations)
1997 Civil Aviation Bureau, Oita Airport NDB renewals
2004 Ikata, wind observation tower installation work
Kurahashi, digital TV installation work
Hiroshima Prefectural Police, replacement work with police radio
2005 Kyushu Electric Power, Sendai nuclear power plant radio data system development support
Onomichi Fire, new building communication equipment work
2006 Kyushu Electric Power, Sendai nuclear power plant data logging system installation work
2007 NICT, Okinawa Haterumajima observation station renewals
Ikata, wind observation tower alteration work
2008 NICT, Tokai University and Kitami Institute of Technology GPS SE work
Yoshida, DTV broadcasting relay station renewals
2010 NHK, DTV broadcasting relay station renewals (Shikoku) Hiroshima & Takamatsu remote control system renewals
NICT, Ishigaki Marine radar renewals
JARE52, MST/IS radar construction support
2011 NICT, Yonaguni Marine radar renewals
JARE53, MST/IS radar construction support
2012 Ikata, Wind observation system renewals
NHK Shikoku Digital TV relay station renewals
JARE54, MST/IS radar construction support
2013 NHK Shikoku Digital TV relay station renewals
JARE55, MST/IS radar construction support
2014 Nagoya UNIV. superDARN system new construction
SPRING AIRLINES Company Radio Installation (Hiroshima AP, Takamatsu AP, Saga AP)
Hiroshima UNIV,Radio communication network Installation
NHK Shikoku Digital TV relay station renewals
Highway ETC system adjustment workJARE
56, MST/IS radar construction support

Land Mobile Radiostation installation work, Digital TV Station construction, ministry of defense radio equipment maintenance business in addition to this,
we perform various government radio equipment repair & maintenance business, a mobile communications projects such as business support.